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Bill on St Kilda

My name is Bill Morton and this is my attempt to put forward my artwork in its various guises.

When  I’m asked to do illustrations or watercolours  I  don’t normally have a sketch book to hand and while in conversation  I often grab a sheet of paper that comes within reach and from whatever source that is available,  electric bills/voting ballot papers/ back of an envelope. Whatever, I will be scribbling on it! When I was a child in our Frodsham home there was never a book in the house that didn’t have a drawing in its margins or end pages. I remember my dad when pestered by his kids would tear a page out of whatever book he was reading so, we could draw on it. …Thanks Dad!
Being able to put ink on paper was a natural step after years drawing with a pencil but, the only drawback was, you can’t rub it out afterwards! My first ever ‘Rotring’ pen was given to me by an old birding mate from Frodsham. I’m not sure what happened to him but he writes a blog called ‘Birding Frontiers’. I think he used the pen for his Helsby school work? But whatever reason he used it for, it was a great help. Thanks Martin and I’ve still got it!
 Rhinolambanana at Wigg Island, August 2009. Bill Morton   Blue Spider (watercolour). Bill Morton Line drawing of (drake) Surf Scoter. Bill Morton.  Viking stone sculpture at Wigg Island, 16.05.09. Bill Morton.
  I have tried to include a variety of my work from early childish pencil sketches to a collaboration work on three, 4 ton Viking & Saxon sandstone sculptures. I have a passion for the natural world (particularly birds & birding), combined with a keen interest for art in its different mediums. I like using all types of materials from paints, inks, wood, to graphics, computer generated design, words and humour to conjure up a heady cocktail of creations. 

If you are interested in using my work for publication or would like to commission an original piece of art for yourself please feel free to contact me (without obligation) for a chat at mudlark1@live.co.uk .

The icon pictures on the main page have a title above them, for quick access to that category click on the name or, alternatively click on the category themselves to access the titles. If you want to get a closer look once inside the category just click on the image and it will enlarge.

This site is still under construction and as such will be added to during the course of time. I hope you like what you find.


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