Not BB or Knot BB

Not BB or Knot BB (that is the question?)

Logo for Knot BB 1

B&W Bill Morton logo-1

The upper image of the two is rekindled, reformatted and from an idea of a parody of the ‘Birding World’ magazine logo. My example replaces their Black & White Warbler logo with a  severe bout of reverse verbal diarrhea bird. The image first appeared in the birding satirical comic ‘Knot BB’ which in its self was a retrospective of a similar comic called ‘Not BB’  (see below) from the 1980’s British Birding scene. I was an artist on both. Today, there are a few satirists that have copied the ethos of these spoof comics and some to great effect, not least Punkbirder and although a little more sophisticated in its content it has really evolved from the work of the team from ‘Not BB’ and all the artists and authors who contributed to it.

Not BB 5 (Berlin Wallcreeper) copy

The fifth and final edition of Not BB and probably it’s best edition. The cover celebrates the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the influx of Eastern migrants…erm, I mean bird migrants!


Not BB 4 (Exxon Valdez) copy

Nearly as exciting as your first Scarlet Rosefinch always gets a wry smile.


Not BB 3 (BB v Not BB) copy

Not BB centre spread (The Creation of Adam)

Not BB cartoon of The Creation of Birding) copy

This Not BB centre piece features some of the leading lights of their day. In no particular order: Steve Gantlett, Chris Heard, Bryan Bland, Andy Stoddart,  JTR Sharrock, Peter Scott, Tony Soper, Bill Oddie, Steve Whitehouse, Richard Millington, Lars Jonnson, Lee Evans, Ian Lewington, Peter Grant and Ron Johns. With the Not BB team Dave Hatton, Simon Stirrup, Martin Williams (centre)

Cartoon Strip  from Not BB III

Not BB cartoon of (East Merchant Bankers) copy_edited-1

The story of the bird information aka Birdline

Not BB 5 cartoon of (Captain Ticker) copy

Whatever happen to those two?

Not BB 2 Cartoon of East Bankers

The Not BB II cartoon of (depicted in Nancy Gull’s Cley Cafe) the East Bankers. Recognise a young gull guru hiding in the background with his familiar catch phrase “Whatever it is? I found it!”

Not BB cartoon of Chairman Mao copy

Not BB V Chairman Mao cartoon

BSC Bikini Waxwing

A spoof tabloid header (getting an eyeful of jizz).