Rough Sketches

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Whenever I’m asked to do illustrations or watercolours for someone and I start preliminary ideas,  I generally don’t have a sketch book to hand and often grab a sheet of paper from anything that comes within reach. I’ve always done this even from childhood and when there was  no paper to draw on my dad would tear a page out of whatever book he was reading so that he could have a bit of peace from pestering kids…Thanks Dad!

Pencil sketches of birds by Bill Morton

Sketches plus a copy of a review of ‘The Birds of  Frodsham Marsh’

Pencil sketches. Bill Morton

Black-necked Grebes (above) with Little Gulls (below).

Pencil sketches. Bill Morton

Aquatic Warbler, Black-necked Grebe and Waxwings.

Pencil sketches. Waders and BoP's. Bill Morton

Practice, practice, practice.

Pencil Sketches of Spot Sand et al. Bill Morton.

Spotted Sand and Shrike et al.

Pencil Sketches of birds. Bill Morton.

Birds, birds and more birds.

Pencil Sketches 7. Bill Morton

Cat with kill et al. This sketch was inspired by an extremely long wait for a Gray-cheecked Thrush on the Isles of Scilly. Just when boredom was causing a kind of birding rigormortis, the thrush hopped out of the bottom of a bush and almost immediately a cat hopped after it and the thrush was no more! 

Pencil Sketches 6.Bill Morton

Crossbill: Lump’em and Dump’em sketch. Rough sketch for a cartoon used in Birding World and some additional drawings.

Pencil Sketches 5. Bill morton

Waders and Passerines.

Pencil Sketches 4.Bill Morton.

Ross’s Gull et al.

Pencil Sketches 3. Bill Morton.

Red-flanked Bluetail et al.

Pencil Sketches 2. Bill Morton.


Pencil Sketches 1. Bill Morton.

Anicent Murrelet et al.

Pencil sketch random illustration (Fox Hunt). Bill Morton

I’m not the greatest fan of people who kill animals for fun/sport and thought about turning the tables in this cartoon.

pencil sketch of Black-winged Stilts nesting at Frodsham Matrsh. Bill Morton.

Pencil sketch of Black-winged Stilts nesting at Frodsham Marsh.

Pencil drawing of Gannet pencil sketch 1979. Bill Morton.

Pencil drawing of Gannet, 1979.

Sketch book rough sketches. Bill Morton.

Quail, Lancy et al.

Not BB pencil sketches. Bill Morton.

Not BB pencil sketches.

Gyrfalcon, Berryhead.. Bill Morton.

Gyrfalcon, Berryhead.

Still under construction.