Art Projects

Viking Sculpture

Photographic images-Art project for the Friends of Wigg Island. Viking Stone sculpture, Wigg Island. Bill Morton

Art project for the Friends of Wigg Island. Viking Stone Sculpture, Wigg Island. Cheshire

Art Project. Paliminary sketches for 'Troll Trail', Art Project. Bill MortonArt Project. Paliminary sketches for 'Troll Trail',Art Project. Bill Morton

Art Project (preliminary sketches for) ‘Troll Trail’ at Wigg Island.

1st draft of Troll copyArt Project: Troll Trail sketches. Bill Morton

A digital version and the rough sketch.

Art ProjectArt project paliminary sketch for Bugs Totem Pole copy

Some sketches for a totem pole wood carving I did at Rock Park, Runcorn.

Art project paliminary sketch for Funguys and Fungals  mushroom seats at Wigg IslandFunguys and Fungals art project at Wigg Island, Oct-Nov 2011

From an idle pencil sketch and an idle idea we worked at producing several fungal sculptures to make the public aware of the importance of these fascinating lifeforms. Artist Angela Sidwell with pupils from a local school featured in a local newspaper cutting.

01.04.11. Funguys at Wigg Island. Bill Morton    Bug Bench, Wigg Island, Cheshire. Bill Morton.

The ‘Funguys’ in the outdoor classroom at Wigg Island and the ‘Bug Bench’ we created for passersby to sit and ponder while under their bottoms a whole ecosystem is supporting them.

Frodblog new header. Bill MortonA draft for a possible new title header for the Frodshan Marsh BirdBlog.